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your_uke's Journal

I have black hair and dark brown eyes!I like to be with my friends.I have a light blue bedroom.I spend my free time writing storys for fanfiction or drawling. This is my favorite picture of vic http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee184/emjhaye27/200692919353223.jpg .one of my most prise posetions would be my Shuichi Shindou doll,or my collection of Doujinshi and manga.My friends say I'm a Otaku! ^_^ My favorite American writer is Stephen King,my favorite korean writer is Lee Yeongdo!Some of the manga I have are Gravitation, Inuyasha, Ai yori ayoshi, Full moon, Fake, Kizuna, Naruto, Hana Kimi, Shout out loud, La Esperenza, Yami no matsuei, Love mode, Love hina, Angel Sanctuary, Fushigi yugi, and more...!My friends call me Yuki-chan ! My favorite thing to say is "THATS MEAN!!" ! Thats my Bio! my smiley faces : ^_^ @_@ *_* XD X) ;) ;( >.< '_' +_____+